Studio Ghibli + Food

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No big deal.
It’s just Julie Andrews sitting on a throne being the princess she really is while in front of Rogers and Hammerstein during Cinderella rehearsals.  Not a big deal at all.


Taylor Schilling and Kate Mulgrew on the Paley Fest red carpet. (March, 2014) 

Boyhood (2014) dir. Richard Linklater

At least we could use the bumpers.
You don’t want the bumpers. Life doesn’t give you bumpers.

Betty Draper started Mad Men as an almost completely powerless woman, married to a man who slept around on her and trapped in a life she didn’t want, though she would never be able to articulate why. As the series progressed through its first two seasons, creator Matthew Weiner and his writers smartly established that Betty wasn’t just another repressed ’60s housewife like viewers had seen in dozens of other stories of the period. She was that, but she was also a spoiled child who’d never had to grow up and now approached the world as if it owed her everything and more. Betty wasn’t the easiest character to like in those first two seasons, but she was decidedly human and the fact that her husband seemed to want every woman but her made her sympathetic almost by default. In the second season when an unstated deal between Betty and Don—one where he would be around the house more and not cheat on her—began to unravel, the heartache she felt was palpable, and the series expertly portrayed a woman who had gotten everything she ever wanted and had begun to realize that wasn’t the answer after all…(x)

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Mads Mikkelsen, photographed by Carlos Serrao for FLAUNT #135, 2014.

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amazing amy is gone

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Why are we talking to each other in English? —Two non English speakers who share the same first language while chatting on the net, probably (via ignitiondorks)

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"I had to take a bath yesterday, and Yen, my dresser on set, had to strategically place bubbles over my naked body," says Lizzy Caplan. "I may be naked on camera, but Yen’s job is to place bubbles over my boobs. So who had a more ridiculous day?"

Lizzy Caplan for Marie Claire

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